About Us

Thank you for visiting the weblog PEVEYHACK PHOTOGRAPHY. Here we provide professional photography and videography services.

PEVEYHACK Photography was established in December 2007 by its founder Mr. Rashdi Amin (Creative Director)


Having more than 4 years experience in the success of any event

In PEVEYHACK.COM we point out the way we feel appropriate depending on a council. It always depends on the idea and the concept of a council. We are not focused on a draft. We also prefer to diversify our work.

Now PEVEYHACK.COM videography has also entered the market because we believe that our skills in photography we can use to get a good cinemathography in the video. And we believe that our ideas can make a major customer have to cry and laugh at a time when we look at the works.

PHOTOGRAPHY WITH STYLE is a trademark PEVEYHACK.COM where we ensure that each picture or video we produce is stylish and meaningful.

PEVEYHACK.COM well so far, about 100 attended the wedding since it was established
PEVEYHACK.COM also take pictures as Convocation, Dinner Party, Birthday Party, Family Portrait, Pre / Posh-wedding, and Company Profile

PEVEYHACK.COM have enough equipment and high quality to produce a photo or video
All the photographer / Videographer in PEVEYHACK.COM been trained in creative aspect to produce beautiful photos and quality. And they have been trained to handle the event properly and completely.

With our experience and our equipment is always ensuring that our work will meet the needs of our customers.



Finally “There is nothing more beautiful than a memory”







Rashdi Amin
Creative Director


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