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PEVEYHACK PRODUCTION was founded in end 2006 by Rashdi Amin, but officially start as a wedding photographer and doing as a serious business start from 2007, a self taught wedding photographer, based in Kajang & nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since then, PEVEYHACK PRODUCTION has covered more than 1000++ weddings ceremonies and events throughout the country during its first year of operation. Specializing in wedding photography, we focus on capturing moments, emotions and portraiture in our photographs in our own photojournalistic way. As a result, they will tell a story of your beautiful day from beginning till the end, with all the moments perfectly captured.

We provide the best service with top Quality  and the best Professional Photographer & Videographer in Town

Finding the right wedding photographer doesn’t have to be difficult or random. When looking to hire the right people to capture the special and rare moments of your wedding day, just look at the photographer’s portfolio and their personality.

• If both of those things feel right to you, then you’ve found the right wedding photographer to capture the memories of your special day!

• Our wedding photography approach is contemporary, artistic and photojournalistic, always capturing the true essence of your wedding day moments, your love and your dreams with every smile, tear and glance.

• Our affordable wedding photography packages provides great value for money with complete wedding photoshoot packages

• The ultimate goal as your wedding photographers is to provide you with images that you will love and cherish for the rest of your lives…because it is not just your wedding day, it is your dream come true!

• Although we always aim to capture the perfect moment, it is the unexpected tears of joy that take our breath away

“It’s your own personalities, the love you express towards each other and all the special moments shared on your wedding day that essentially help create the perfect photograph.”